Meet the artist

face portrait of samantha Lim with giant plush rosesSamantha Lim is a self taught artist from Vancouver BC,  Canada. She has had many pieces displayed in public areas such as Vancouver’s Law Court building and the West End Community center.

Samantha Lim portrait
Since and Early age Samantha has been working on her drawing skills in her spare time.  In 2007 she joined the online world of art hoping to improve her skills through the feedback of other artists. She began digital art with a small wacom tablet from her dad and Adobe photo shop.
“It was really fun. I got to experiment with different styles and colors/mediums without having invest in materials”

Always Drawing…
Good, but never great…
Finished, yet never complete…
Corrected, yet never flawless…
Striving for perfection is a long hard road
And when you get there…
you still have yourself, to compete with….

In 2009 she opened an official website, to display her work. In 2010 she began selling prints and taking commissions online.“My favorite medium is the pencil and I love to draw a fantasy creatures. Animals without limitations.”

The Mighty Griffin

Samantha Lim sitting on kayakAs well as art Samantha enjoys card and board games, outdoor activities and sports such as archery, badminton and biking. In the summer Samantha can often be seen at the beach or riding her bike around the tri-cities area.