New Years Shout outs!




Here we go again~!

So as usual my shout outs to a few people,  great friends, artists and inspiring people, thank you!

bleistiftkind – Beautiful animal art
qrekords – Super creative dude
PetalRain – Crit Buddy!
mcrmysarg – EVIL!!!
ForthSanity – Keep chasing that star
FlashMagnanimous – We have a lot to catch up on
MunchyCrunchyMan – Good luck!
masamune7905 – Awesome superhero fan art
FF-Boy  – This year hands will be easier!
EST0PPEL – Comic’s!
Halolux  – Dont quit now!
LadySerpent – Strives for the best
InstantNoodleV – Not too far!
MiniryuK – Way too far!
SL – Win it Big!
SL – Take good care of yourself, get better soon
JL – Dinner will be soon…
MG – I owe you a hug -.-
TB – Its been a while
HD – So many stories to share
AO – Sushi!!!!
JH – Luck for this year
ES – Wishing you a fast recovery, see you soon!


Look forward to seeing you in the new year,  until then

-Samantha Lim