Crit Night Round 2!


Hello and welcome to the second crit night event here on’s blog
The crits are in and here they are!  Click on the picture to read your Critique ~

I hope this one will be just as insightful as the last (see it here).Thank you everyone who managed to participate in this round, I hope to see back in the future.

Sorry I don’t have a lot to say this time around, just glad that these 2 have been successful. Things are pretty hectic around here, so, on to the pics ~




Who is there? O_O

Is someone spying on Moogle?
(It’s just me don’t worry >.> <.< >.>)

This is a drawing I did for an Art Trade with  Moogle This is her character Saphira and her Moogle.

I enjoyed making this even if the BG was a pain in the butt…
Its a little different, its like a cartoonish painted style that I haven’t done for a really long time. I still need practice so I hope you don;t mind me using the trade to try something. I hope you like it 🙂

I traded for this awesome picture of My Character Sammacha

The little Moogle is really just something which popped into my head and I don’t know why, but you can see it below



so you know how people yell nto a fan to make that funny noise
Thats what I imagine her doing with the sound of the river, just sitting and going

for I dont know how long, I guess until she decides to eat her berries.
Anyways this is a small part of a larger pic I did for Moogle, but I couldn’t let the Moogle go un-noticed!
its half the story!

Ps I think she picked all the leaves and the berries off that stick, but threw the leaves in the river xD