Crit Night-Shaman of the Hallow

By Qrekords


“Let the art speak for itself”

a bit too big for the scanner so some pics were taken. Qrekords couldn’t quite get it in focus so there are 2 additional pics showing the details here

Critique by Moogle (Tiger Portrait)

1. What do you like about this image?

I always love light lines over darkened areas, it really makes the piece stand out. Nice idea with the roots stretching from the bottom, there’s just something with the way you’ve drawn them that I really like, it’s quite neat!

2. Is there something you don’t like?

Honestly this is more about the quality of the photos than the actual art itself; they’re quite blurry and I’ve had a bit of trouble making out details, thus taking away the full effect that could be given to viewers. One thing I’ve noticed is the wobbliness of some of your lines (mainly on the teeth). To me they look to be not very confident lines and aren’t well controlled. You can get the same fluid motions that will give the same effect, but look much neater with some daily exercises.

3. What do you think the artist can improve upon? Suggestions?

I’d personally add in more wild elements to this – have some of the vines(?) longer/thicker and maybe some curved/wrapped around the head(?) a bit more. My eyes are drawn through this and out the roots to the bottom left, you want people to keep focus on the image rather than wander off. Like I said in the previous section, I suggest doing daily exercises (constantly doing straight lines, circles, different shapes over and over will help with your control – you can find some on Youtube for examples). A lot of people disregard this as a waste of time, but before I get started on any bigger type picture (especially traditional where control is even more needed) I’ll do quite a number of warmups.

Just a little side note – I apologize for this rather small critique. This type of art style isn’t something I dabble in much (I’m not sure if this would classify under surrealism?), so I can’t give too much advice on something that’s unfamiliar territory for me.



Color scheme: N/A
Overall Composition:

Sam’s 2 Cents

Overall I find this pretty interesting and unique. I think if I saw it somewhere I would definitely go and give it a look, even to just figure out what it is. Moogle gave a pretty good interpretation of the line work ,a little bit un-confident looking overall.
I think maybe a few longer and more varied vines and roots would be cool looking, I might even go and add a few leaves in there.
Overall pretty cool, try to get a more solid and clear picture next time around please.


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