The Changeable Hawk Eagle

The Changeable hawk Eagle
  I really like the Hawk Eagle, I find them very interesting, I just think they are so unique. I really want to draw/practice drawing animals again, I used to do it a lot but then I strayed from it for several years. To finish off 2012, as my last post of the year here is my Hawk Eagle. A traditional sketch, it took me about 3.5 – 4 hours to complete using this picture as a reference:
In the end this was given to someone as a gift. Actually to the person who inspired me to draw it. So for now it remains on his bedroom wall 🙂 To add to this, someone had asked for a quick tutorial on how I do my shading. I though this would be a great picture to use for it you can find it here
  • Samantha Lim is an artist from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Mainly draws fun characters and other such musings in her spare time. Often she is found walking or biking through the streets or trails of BC with her family, or at the beach on a summer’s day.
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