Chinese War Horse Daiyu #2

Happy New Year 2014 – Year of the Horse Chinese War Horse Daiyu #2
Chinese war horse – Daiyu (Black Jade)
My Chinese War Horse Daiyu (Black Jade) is a perfect drawing to celebrate the year of the horse! It is a re-work of this picture, but done with pencil crayons. I’ve also created 2 videos of myself working on this picture showing the inking of the line work and the actual pencil coloring process. The inking video canĀ  be seen here :
Chinese War Horse Daiyu – Inked line art
I find inking is a hard process as you only really get one shot at each line, and you need to do it fairly quickly or it doesn’t look good. Almost every line is drawn with 1 solid stroke and then laterĀ  with a much smaller pen tip, the line weight and extra shape/detail is added. You also need to make sure you know where its going to end up, its not like you can just erase it…. The colouring video can be found here: It looks really different before the blending stage occurs
Pencil crayon before blending, it looks quite different then the completed version. Still looks nice but not as well as the fully blended piece
I really enjoy using pencil crayons. You can get a nice solid color onto the paper and they blend quite well. The overall effect is similar to a copic marker or even paint. However I do find that pencil crayon is not as forgiving as paint at all… once its on the paper it’s staying there. Some people like to use layer of workable fixatif, however I have never used it. I may in the future but for now I think the method I have going works well for me. Overall this drawing is a large improvement upon the original and was great practice fro my pencil crayon work!
Chinese war horse – Daiyu (Black Jade)
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