Commission Tips

Use these tips to make your commission go smoothly and have the best experience with your order possible! I want to make sure that you leave with a happy experience and a piece of artwork that you love!

  • Know what medium you are looking to order.
    Traditional or Digital art?
    Traditional is done with Pen and pencil.
    It is more costly but you will be getting a one-of-a-kind original art piece.
    Digital Art is easier to work with and therefore comes at a lower price point. Prints will be available.
  • Know the size you want
    Know the image size that you need. This will help determine the initial costs/printing costs.
  • Know the subjects you are ordering
    Please have some photo references of what you are looking to have drawn. Provide an example rather than describing something.
    Send me a small blurb about the character(s) personality.
    Please realize that complex characters with many markings, tattoos or feathers, etc. may cost extra.
  • Know your theme
    What kind of image are you after? Is it something romantic, fun, or playful?
    If you know what kind of image you are looking for it is much easier for me to create a pose or idea from your description
  • Communicate! Reply in a timely manner
    When contacted for clarification please be sure to reply to me within a day or so. The longer it takes for you to reply the longer it will take to complete the image.
    Many times a lack of communication can lead to a much larger misunderstanding.
  • Ask questions
    If you don’t understand something ask me to clarify it.
    Also, feel to ask me for an update if you are waiting for your commission.
  • Check my Queue and Waitlist
    When working on a larger project I may fill in the gaps with a smaller commission. This can provide me a break from a larger project so I can come back to it with a fresh mind.
    Check the current Queue and waitlist here
  • Make payments Promptly
    The same as replying in a timely fashion, providing payment for deposits and completed artwork in a timely manner helps me to get your artwork out to you quicker.
  • How to make a payment
    I offer use of E-transfer, PayPal and Square for my transactions.
    More info can be found here


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