Terms of Service

By commissioning me, Samantha Lim, you agree to all the terms stated below. Please make sure that you have read and understood my T.O.S (Terms of Service) prior to commissioning me.

I’m already familiar with you T.o.S.

-All personal information is to remain confidential. This includes, address, payment information, phone numbers, personal E-mails etc.

-I reserve the right to obtain a copyright for any and all original work I create

-I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.

-I reserve the right to display ALL artwork created by myself unless otherwise specified and agreed upon prior to payment.

-I reserve the right to reproduce any artwork which I have created.

– I reserve the rights to reproduce a custom character unless you own the copyright of this character.

-I reserve the rights to post progress reports of the image unless otherwise stated on any site in which I am a current member.

– Any original character reproduced will be accredited to you with a link to your webpage/image if applicable.

-You must be over the age of 18 to order any mature themed image or text. This includes all nudity, excessive violence etc.

-I reserve the right to request age verification be it ID, Credit card etc prior to payment when Mature artwork is requested.

– There is a minimum deposit for all commissions. I ask that the deposit is paid before I begin each commission. (The deposit will be deducted from the total amount). More info

-Payment and Refund info can be found here

-Let me know of any deadlines. On average each commission takes 1-4 weeks. If you are concerned please ask me for an estimated time line. (Keep in mind time zones, I need to know where you are so I can get it to you on time, example the 20th at 5pm here maybe the 21st at 3am where you are)

-If you want an update/progress report please ask.

– Do not send me repetitive messages. I will respond when I can. Be aware that we may not live in the same time zones,  I do not respond to personal messages while at work, I am not at home or on my computer every second, please be considerate.

-Let me know if you require a specific image size, file type, dpi etc. Prior to making payment.

-My images cannot be altered and/or reproduced without my consent.

-All work unless otherwise agreed upon is for personal use only. If work is to be for commercial purposes, please discuss with me how it will be used prior to making an agreement and any payments.

-You do not have the rights to reproduce the images created by Samantha Lim for re-sale purposes.

-Images may be displayed ONLY in participants gallery. If this is a group commission or a gift commission please let me know who they are for/where they will be posted.

-For group commissions I have the right to request the consent of all parties prior to creating the image.

-For gift commissions, if it is an “original character” I am requested to draw I have the right to confirm that it drawing the character is ok with the owner. (This mainly applies to certain themed or group/couple drawings; please ask for more details regarding this topic)

– If art is to be posted in an online gallery ALL people posting the artwork agree to give me, Samantha Lim, a credit and a link to my website www.sammacha.com (or member page if applicable) for any art including web graphics or logos. Do not claim my work as your own.

-There may be additional fees for changes made after the initial sketch has been approved and line work completed. Additional fees range from 50¢ to $25 depending on the difficulty, the medium used and what phase I am currently in. The fee’s do not apply if the change is due to an error which I have made and was previously known.

– There will be an extra cost if you request your commission to be rushed after an agreed upon date for completion. This cost will be determined by the amount of time I will have to put extra work into your commission and/or put other work aside

If you would like order a commission please contact me at SamanthaLim@Sammacha.com
or fill out the contact form.

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