Crit-Night Red Room



Here’s my my original work which I like and plan to finish (someday). It’s still in painting process. I tried to experiment with analogous colours in this one. And I think it still needs some more details.
Any suggestions on colouring, details, composition, anatomy, perspective… anything is welcome

Critique by Sammacha (Shooter)

1. First impression

What a nice colour scheme, it create a really nice atmosphere. It also lets you think about the image, where is this person? in their home, visiting a friend, maybe its a hotel. There are many possibilities which one can choose when looking at this picture.

2. What do you like about this image?
I really like the colour choice and the style that this is painted in. The light and dark colours are very appealing and seem pretty natural. The painting style also gives a nice texture and makes each material look different then the other.
I also like the angle of the picture. I find these pictures are often more interesting and can be quite difficult to achieve.
I also love this style of character ~

3. Is there something you don’t like?
Hmm… well its not that I don’t like it, but I find that the angle of the couch is a little bit off. I am also not a fan of the sketching lines which appear randomly, because they are brighter they seem to distract me. (mainly in the shaded area)

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? Suggestions?
Anatomy. I feel that the anatomy is good but could be better and help make the pose look more natural. right now the neck looks a little bit strained and maybe uncomfortable for the character to be sitting like that. I would also recommend adding some light or shadow on the hand where the knuckles would be (its hard I know xD ). This can help prevent some of the folded fingers from looking too short.

Don’t forget that couches should be comfortable too! This one looks likes its hard instead of soft, maybe some folds in the pillow where the character sits would help.

If it helps, when I draw pics at angles like this I try to draw them straight and then move the picture (its easy since its digital) and I did this in the Red line I made. I find it a little bit easier to adjust to the angles this way.

Red Line

In this red line I am trying to get the angle/perspective correct. Just a few little things can throw off the whole picture.
when I drew it out “flat” and added in the perspective lines I found that it helped me with a few things
The couch angle
The angle of the legs
With the couch angle changed the arm on top also needed to move a little bit which caused the shoulder to be a bit higher.

I always find that drawing angles like this are very difficult as they also include some fore shortening of the limbs.
I hope that this was able to help ~


Overall Composition:

Color scheme:


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