Crit-Night – Roller

By Antumbra


This image was just floating about in my head for a while. Kind of a what if you could open portals, where would you go for everyday activities? I wanted to practice backgrounds, especially one with bright colors, so I picked an Autumn scene. I’m always looking for critique on anything, but coloring especially lately. I put a lot of orange and yellows into the highlights and shadows to give more of a reflection to try and help out

Critique by FF (Red Room)

My impression when I first saw this image is the brilliant yellow and orange hue that really stands out. It makes me think of one of those bright and beautiful autumn days when we can take a stroll though the falling yellow and red leaves. Then I saw a carefree young she-wolf rollerskating through the forest. Her carefree attitude and her movement remind me of the freedom we feel when we can run around freely among nature. The overall image looks cheerful and peaceful at the same time.
First impressions
Really Stands out, colourful.

1. What do you like about this image?

I really love the colour scheme of this image. The colour palette represented the autumn theme very nice. The vibrant orange and yellow in the foreground and the dull brown and green in the background complemented each other and clearly separated the highlight and shadow area.
The character has an interesting design. The clothing and equipments are nicely drawn with realistic details. I also love the flawless anatomy and pose of the character. The artist has drawn the character with accurate anatomical details. The light on her hand emphasizes the movement of the character. It really feels like she is roller skating through the autumn forest.

2. Is there something you don’t like?

There is nothing that I don’t like, only the thing that I think need a fix, which is the refinement of the work. Because this image is drawn in a large canvas, the tiniest details can be seen when 100% zoom in. When zoom in, I can see that the colours of the character are out of the line in some places, and some of the colours are mixed with their adjacent colours, such as those on the edge of the shorts. Try to keep the colours in their areas because this little details can make the work looks cleaner and neater.

3. What do you think the artist can improve upon? suggestions?

I think the artist has great knowledge in anatomy, and is already careful with references. The colouring skill is also great, with accurate light source and good skills in colour selections.
My only suggestion for this image is the details the artist can probably adds to it, especially in the background. Some leaves on the ground that is separated from the piles can be more refinely drawn into a shape of leaves, and not the chunk of colours. I can see that the artist has already drawn some in the shape of leaves, so I suggest the artist should do the same with the leaves scattered on the path, too.
For the path, the artist can add more details to it to make it, like small pebbles or a sprout of grass, to make it look more realistic and interesting. The artist can also add some leaves flying in the wind behind the character to emphasize the fast movement.
The tree trunks in the background need more refinement. Maybe drawing a pile of leaves to cover the lower part of the trunks can help. And the artist can add some details and texture to the trunks to make them look more realistic, such as tree barks.

Please rate from 1-3


Color scheme:

Overall Composition :

Sams 2 cents
I think that this is a very nice piece. The colours are bright and cheerful, the character is looking good with a nice flow to the motion. She is actually doing something interesting compared to standing around. the colours really give out the time of day and year. my only suggestion is the scribbly patch of brown seen below her hand. Most of the other scribbles of colour give some character to the image but that one stands out to me like an odd spot. i think it may just be too much of a dark colour in that spot.


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