Crit-Night Ares

By Lady Serpent


well, I haven’t really had a chance to do anything fully finished, but here’s a bit of a practice piece

Critique by Antumbra (Roller)

1.First Impression:

I love the background on this. It is abstract and complex, but doesn’t take away from the character, even with the character off to the side.

What do you like about this image?

The hair, especially on the tail, is fantastic. The eyes have some great detail in them if you zoom in. The hands also are nice, they look natural and have some nice positioning.

3. Is there something you don’t like?
I know it is just a WIP from the description, but I would say the line art needs refining. Oddly enough, it stands out to me on one of my favorite parts, the hair. The tail flows great without the lines, but with the same coloring style, it looks oddly constricting. The lines overall are a bit wobbly as well.

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? suggestions?
Only suggestions I would have is the line art refinement and maybe to push the shadows/highlights more on the areas that aren’t the hair. Overall nice piece though!


Color scheme:

Overall Composition :

Sam’s 2 cents
i really like this pic overall, I think that the colour choice and composition is great. If anything I might say to use a smaller sized brush for the ends of the tail/hair. Currently I think the line work is pretty nice but there are a few spots on the tail where they look a bit random and non-continuous with the flow of the rest. However this is a WIP.
I think that Antumbra has it right when saying to push the shadows/lighting a little bit more. I might also suggest adding a filter to the BG image so it doesn’t give off the “blue screen” type effect as much (if that’s what you want disregard this 😛 )
If I may I would love to suggest a few changes you can make to the face to give it more of a horse like feel
The tail gives a really nice insight into what the final image may look like and I look forward to seeing it!


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