Crit Night Round 3

Crit Night Welcome to round 3 of crit night!   This round we have 5 participants, 1 new! A few less then the last few rounds but no worries. On with the show. Halloween has just passed by so we have some cool halloween themed pics time around ~ Lets get to it shall we? Lady Serpent -> FabloTheGayMoth Antumbra -> FF FF -> Lady Serpent Sammacha -> Antumbra FabloTheGayMoth -> Sammacha    
  • Samantha Lim is an artist from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Mainly draws fun characters and other such musings in her spare time. Often she is found walking or biking through the streets or trails of BC with her family, or at the beach on a summer’s day.
    Samantha Offers a wide variety of her artwork for sale oroptions to bring your imagination to life through artwork via commissions.
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