Wizard – FF

Wizard – FF


This is still a WIP. The image I have in mind is a wandering wizard in a dark forest, playing with fire. The character is my OC, Reiz. My chosen colour scheme are black, brown, and orange.
I want a critique on painting, especially lighting, since this is the first time I paint with the dark background. Any suggestions on colour scheme, composition, and character design are also welcome.

For now I have painted a simplified background (as shown in the image) as a guideline for more elaborate background. I’m thinking of painting more realistic atmosphere later. The suggestion for the background is optional but will be appreciated. πŸ™‚

Crit by Antumbra:

1. First impression:

Love the colors of the fire and the overall feel of the piece. The color scheme definitely gives it a darker atmosphere which allows the magic element to really pop.

2.What do you like about this image?

I think there is a nice use of texture on the image, it keeps it from feeling flat even though it is still a WIP. The flames are done brilliantly, they look wispy and organic.

3. Is there something you don’t like?

I know there was a selected color pallet, but I might suggest mixing up the color pattern of the cloak and rest of the outfit. Right now it looks like camouflage. Of course, ignore this if that was the intention.

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? suggestions?\

I would love to see this finished with the background! For any other suggestions, I would say to push the lighting more by making the darks darker. While the fire is going to shed light on a lot of the character, the areas that aren’t affected are going to be very dark unless there is another light source. This will help to give more shape and depth.
When doing your lighting, don’t forget that the fire is going to give off orangish/yellow light and that will show on the character’s highlighted spots.
The character design is good, they are individual enough to be distinguished from a character next to them, but at the same time it doesn’t look forced and overdone.

Please rate from 1-3

Color scheme:
Overall Composition :

Sam’s 2 cents

I really love the idea behind this picture. The paint strokes in the BG are really fitting and just pretty in general. I will say the same thing about the clothing as Antumbra, the design is really nice but I am not sure about the colouring. Is it blotchy because it is incomplete or is like a camouflage clothing? I think that maybe completing the image of giving better definition to the camo (if that’s what it is) will really help. The fire looks very nice and wispy/magical and the pose is a great choice. I also really love the texture that you used (like water paper?).
I know its not done but I also want to suggest adding some orange, red, or yellow light on his clothing (light from the fire). That can create a really cool effect and really add to the atmosphere.


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