SireuxFin – Antumbra

Sereux Fin – Antumbra


I really tried to push the color of the flames on the rest of the character to practice mixing coloring. I also was going to do an elaborate background, but then I liked the contrast the white gave so I went a bit abstract. Any help with anything is appreciated!

1. First impression:
Wow what a cool pose and character. As in its quite different and unique. It gives off a friendly but eerie vibe imo. Like a creature that could just turn evil. I think that really creates an interest in the character itself.

2.What do you like about this image?
Again I really enjoy the pose and the interest that is created with this type of character. The colours and the lighting are also very nicely done. for a blending practice I feel that this came out really well.
The shadows re also nice and simple, not overdone and shapely. To me they seem to be correct and I enjoy he depth it has created. THe lights and darks came out really well ~

3. Is there something you don’t like?
Hmm well its not that I don’t like it but I would probably add a little more outline around the area where the face (cheek) and the hair basically touch. I feel like the picture gains a sort of blur in that area and making it a little sharper would help differentiate the hair and the face a little bit more. Make it stand out you know?

I also don’t mind the BG but I feel like it is missing something (more below)

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? suggestions?
So I’ll mention just a bit about the BG. Right now it looks cool but it also appears a little unfinished. the simplicity and the white contrast on the purple is great. What I mean by “something missing” is that the black behind him (in my mind) can be like a portal. Perhaps a doorway to another dimension. I feel like it could be darker, or even show something of another world in it (like stars, or clocks (time zone travel etc)). Even making it into something simple with a frame such as a door would really add a lot imo. I believe it could put more interest into the picture which right now gives me a slightly unfinished feel.
the light from the flame (on the floor) seems to go beneath the rectangle but not up like it was a wall. So I feel that it is less of a BG item as it is part of the main subject or idea.

another suggestion I do have is to add a little more/ brighter purple flame on the face. I do know there is a light purple on the face but I feel that a slightly deeper purple would help create more depth in that area.

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