Roxanne Fox

By Sammacha
Recently I have decided to once again work with digital “painting” while continuing to use my line work. I really feel that I have come a long way with digital art (and art in general) in the past year. I have been focusing more on anatomy and light sources. Of course any suggestions are helpful but my main focus at the moment are those two things.


Critique by FF-Boy

First impression

The red hue of this image caught my eyes when I first saw it. Looking closely, I saw a sexy fox lady on a stage. The spotlight is shining on her as if she’s going to entertain the audiences with her performance. Oh, I think I’m in the Moulin Rouge!

What do you like about this image?

Firstly, I love the character design the most. Her personal features are well done. The face is so lovely and sexy at the same time while the anthro traits of the fox are nicely adopted. The sexiness is emphasized by her full breasts, slim waist, and nicely shaped legs.

The pose and anatomy are also interesting and well drawn. The shape of her arm, her body, and her legs, with curves and muscles drawn in the right place, show the skillfulness of the artist in anatomy. I love her legs the most. The shape of her legs are really beautiful.

Her outfit is also really well done. the fabric folds of the dress and ruffles are detailed with care. The stockings are well shaded; they really feel like the real stockings that you can see through to the skin beneath. And the heels, I love how the artist drew the shape of them. They are so realistic.

The color scheme is well chosen. The warm tone, especially red and black, emphasizes the emotion that I think the artist tried to convey, which is hot and sexy. The artist has done very well in shading with limited palettes.

Is there something you don’t like?

The only thing that I don’t like is her tail. Instead of soft and fluffy, it gives the feeling of hard plastic, like what you see in the plastic model. I think adding some more strands to the tail would make it look more fluffy.

What do you think the artist can improve upon? suggestions?

Overall, I love this image. The character design is interesting, as well as the skills of artist in anatomy and color choices. The composition is nicely done; with the pose and background and lighting, it can tell us a story without drawing the whole building or place.

The suggestion I would like to give to the artist is to practice more on lighting, such as the direction of light and how it reflects on different objects. It will help improve the depth of shadow and create more realistic lighting.

Another suggestion is to be advanturous and play more with details and textures 😀 Try adding some floral texture to the outfit, decorating it with laces, or adorn your character with jewellery. The image will be more interesting and fun to look at with more details.

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  1. Awesome critique FF, thank you!
    you are so right about the tail. I really need to learn how to do the tail more like I do the hair. and a dress pattern, man I wish I had thought of that!

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