Celeste Fin

Celeste Fin by Antumbra
“Tried a new shading technique with ambient occlusion while mixing colors in the lights and shadows. Not sure I like where it is at right now, but I definitely want to keep improving!
Any critique you are looking for in particular? Definitely the shading and the coloring.”


Critique by Sammacha
First impression
Wow, it looks like you have been working really hard on improving your style. I love the pose and the atmosphere of this image.

What do you like about this image?
I love the atmosphere that has been created, a dreary night club or late night cafe (thats what came to my mind). The pose appears very natural as do the colours. I think the way you did the blending worked really well.
Great job on the foreshortening, I don’t see anything odd about the anatomy here.

Is there something you don’t like?
I can’t really say that there is something I don’t like about this image overall. I was wondering what the black brush strike on the right was though. I’m not sure if its meant to be more blended. It just sort of stands out as a little odd to me.

What do you think the artist can improve upon? Suggestions?
Ok, this is a hard one for me. I think that you are much more advanced in this kind of painting style and lighting then I am but here goes.
It is my opinion that there could be just a touch of pink on the smoke on the right. It looks to me like it is lite up by another source but because smoke is not flat, perhaps a teeny bit of pink glow.
I would also suggest going a little darker on the lighter colours of her clothing. the green gets quite dark (near to black) but the white only fades into a light grey. I think you can really push your lights and dark’s a lot more without drowning out the details or colours.
i also suggest a little more feathering on a few of the colouring transitions. The sleeve on her left arm for instance. The transition from white to green is really quite harsh.
I might add a little more highlight on the earrings.
I’ll try to show you want I meanSam's sugestions for antumbra, crit night 4
Overall I love the picture.

Color scheme:
Overall Composition :


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