Daiyu – Chinese War Horse

Daiyu – Chinese war horse
  The Chinese war horse. SPEED PAINT : [link] Here I have drawn a Chinese war horse Sadly, I am not a big horse person and I’m not sure that I have correct breed listed below. This horse isn’t carrying very much right now other then its standard attire. Perhaps he is coming home from a victory :) His name, Daiyu (黛玉) meaning “black jade” Anyways this picture, I have drawn is for the contest held by :iconthe-saddle-club: The point is to draw a horse’s importance to a certain culture. It has been quite some time since I’ve drawn one (I havent drawn one since [link]), I feel like I’m a little rusty on the horse, but, I like it all the same. In my opinion it turned out well. Also, I decided that I would do a speed paint, I haven’t posted one for a while, and I have yet to do a larger picture like this so please enjoy it! Contest information Breed: I think this is a Ferghana horse but I am not sure ;_; Location: China Cultural Facts/History: now correct me if iI am wrong, but here is a bit of history on the horse The Chinese searched for the perfect horse for battle and found in the horses found in central Asia. The Fernanda horse. Powerful, fast and with great endurance. This horse was strong enough to be equipped with supplies, armor and weapons while traveling great distances with speed. Not only that but its ability to survive with little food was also a benefit to the soldiers. They could be pushed so hard that would “sweat blood”, for this reason they were once know as the blood sweat horse. This breed was excellent for battle and would out run, out power, and out endure and of the domestic horses that were previously used. This dominance brought on great victories and thus the horse was later re-named The celestial horse/heavenly horse (which you see on the zodiac). You can find this horse praised in all types of Chinese artworks and literature. Traces of this breed can be found in several types of horses found all over the world. Importance to me: I find it interesting and its a bit of my history ****Buy This**** [link] Cool Art, Prints, Commissions and More! – www.Sammacha.com [link] Like me on FaceBook: [link] Refrences: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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