Happy Canada Day 2022!

Happy Canada Day from Roxanne Fox!


Happy Canada Day From Sammacha.com

here is the beautiful Roxanne Fox displaying for us her beautiful maple leaf while sporting the Canadian Flag on her one-piece sparkling suit!

As you may know, I am trying very hard to put in some extra time for my artwork, and what better than to let Roxanne Enjoy her favorite! A little burlesque fun to show off her Canadian spirit!
Here she is showing off her stuff (maple leaf) in her super sexy sparkling bodysuit. And her eyeliner, FUN!

I like this pose, it was fun to do and I will probably do something with it again later. I’ve gone back to where I started in drawing her with fun outfits, she is a dancer of course, she loves it! I hope you will all be looking forward to seeing me post some more art of her in the future. Hoping to focus some more on the imaginative ideas of fun outfits and poses. I did stray away from it for a while but it really is something I like to do


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