Penny kneels down to have a look at a bright and curious Chick freshly hatched


Penny was having a blast on her skateboard, cruising through the park on a gorgeous day. But her attention was quickly diverted when she spotted a tiny, adorable creature hopping around in the grass. She hopped off her board and got a closer look to find a fluffy little chick with the cutest yellow feathers and the most curious eyes.

Penny couldn’t help but feel a surge of happiness and excitement at this unexpected encounter. Who knew such a small creature could bring so much joy? It was a reminder that life is full of surprises and we should always be open to them.

As she got ready to leave, Penny said a quick goodbye to her new feathered friend and hopped back on her skateboard, feeling grateful for the little moments of magic that make life so much fun.

Happy Easter everyone!

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