New Years Shout outs!

newcreate.php     Here we go again~! So as usual my shout outs to a few people,  great friends, artists and inspiring people, thank you! bleistiftkind – Beautiful animal art qrekords – Super creative dude PetalRain – Crit Buddy! mcrmysarg – EVIL!!! ForthSanity – Keep chasing that star FlashMagnanimous – We have a lot to catch up on MunchyCrunchyMan – Good luck! masamune7905 – Awesome superhero fan art FF-Boy  – This year hands will be easier! EST0PPEL – Comic’s! Halolux  – Dont quit now! LadySerpent – Strives for the best InstantNoodleV – Not too far! MiniryuK – Way too far! SL – Win it Big! SL – Take good care of yourself, get better soon JL – Dinner will be soon… MG – I owe you a hug -.- TB – Its been a while HD – So many stories to share AO – Sushi!!!! JH – Luck for this year ES – Wishing you a fast recovery, see you soon!   Look forward to seeing you in the new year,  until then -Samantha Lim
  • Samantha Lim is an artist from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Mainly draws fun characters and other such musings in her spare time. Often she is found walking or biking through the streets or trails of BC with her family, or at the beach on a summer’s day.
    Samantha Offers a wide variety of her artwork for sale oroptions to bring your imagination to life through artwork via commissions.
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