Psycho Rama Demo Cover

Psycho Rama Demo Cover by Qrekords


Thinking of using this as an album cover for my band, looking for general input on the design, use of space and overall impression.

Critique by Xyloart
1. First impression
My first impression is that the piece is dark, occultist, and detailed.

2. What do you like about this image?
I like that it is dark, occultish, and detailed! I feel the use of space and the circular flow around the piece is well done. I appreciate how the columnar runes on the left and right hold up the squiggly eye tentacles and give it structure where it would otherwise appear googly and all over the place.

3. Is there something you don’t like?
I’m not sure if this is a work in progress shot of the piece, but I feel the drawing could be better captured while still maintaining the look of being ripped from some ancient book.

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? Suggestions?
I feel as if the english text on the bottom would look better if it were done more in the style of the text at the top. Right now it’s a bit too… legible? It looks a little bit tacked on. I’m not sure it needs the underlines either but I could be wrong on that.
Overall I like it a lot and feel it would make a good album cover.

Overall Composition: 3
Color scheme: N/A (gray scale)

Sam’s 2 cents
I think this is a pretty cool design. It goes quite well with the things you often draw and would make for a very interesting album cover in my opinion.
To improve it I think a cleaner line art- or perhaps a coloured version would be great. Or even a metallic outline printed onto a coloured cardboard would be very cool for a cover art.
Either way I find this a very intriguing design which I think you should continue to perfect.


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