Please read the rules before joining crit night.

  1. Meet the Deadline. I will provide you with plenty of time to send me a link to your artwork and your critiques for the actual crit night. I understand that people are busy and have lives and I would give no less then a few months notice (unless there is an emergency). the time between when I send out the pictures to be critiqued and be posted will be around 2 weeks  and 1 week which will give me time to organize and create the post ( Yes, I have a life too!). Please understand that organizing and arranging things like this with people I may not have direct contact with can be difficult and time consuming. Please do your best to meet the deadlines set and communicate with me if you are unable to do so. See the Schedule
  2. Keep in touch. To have something like this be successful you need to keep in touch. Please use an E-mail which you actually look at, of add me on facebook or twitter so you can see when an E-mail has been sent. E-mail will be the key communication method used to send and receive everything that has to do with Crit Night.
  3. Constructive Criticism. We are looking for people to give constructive criticism. You must be willing to give constructive criticism on at least one picture to be eligible to have your picture with its critique posted.
  4. Submit Proper content. Please check the submission page to see what type of work is accepted. I have the right to reject or remove any art which is submitted.
  5. Use appropriate language. Nobody here is looking for a puddle of insults or a text message. This is open to people of all skill levels.  Which means people of different ages are able to contribute. Please use appropriate language and proper spelling when you send your critique. I will do my best to try and help filter this out but it is far to time consuming if I have to sit and read everything word for word before I can even get started on posting the material
  6. Post your own artwork. The reason for Crit night is not to see who is the best artist on the page, its to get an insight to how you can improve. DO NOT post artwork that is not your own. DO NOT post tracings or copies of other peoples work. we are looking for YOUR original artwork.I will accept fan art but it must not be a simple copy of  another piece, that would be copyright infringement. Using a reference picture is ok.
  7. Quality Pictures. Please submit quality pictures. This means using a scanner or taking quality photos or your artwork. We want to be able to actually see your artwork!
  8. Water Marks. I myself use a water mark on my artwork and I understand its purpose completely.  When you apply a watermark to your artwork please do it in a way which does not obstruct or distort the image (make the watermark fairly transparent).
  9. Permissions. Keep in mind that this is a PUBLIC BLOG. the public will be able to view all the images which you are allowing me to post for crit night. Please don’t submit things which are personal or contain personal information. By adding them to crit night you are allowing me to post them on my website and or blog for the purposes of Crit night (promotion, examples etc.)
  10. Sexual images and Pornography. Again, this is open to people of all skill levels and various ages. I understand nudity and sexual images but please submit what you would deem “tasteful.” To put it short and simple no hard core porn please! if your not sure please ask.
  11. Violence. Yet Again, this is open to people of all skill levels and various ages. Please no horribly graphic violent images.
  12. Offensive Images. No Overly offensive images such as very racist, religious or political images.

Rules are subject to change. Previous participants will be notified if a change occurs.


  • Samantha Lim is an artist from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Mainly draws fun characters and other such musings in her spare time. Often she is found walking or biking through the streets or trails of BC with her family, or at the beach on a summer’s day.
    Samantha Offers a wide variety of her artwork for sale oroptions to bring your imagination to life through artwork via commissions.
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