Wild Card Artwork

Traditional Artwork Wild Card Artwork is currently Available!
This is a special in which I take your character(s) and create a piece of artwork based on what I understand about their personality. The artwork is a surprise to you and your choices are limited. This is a really fun way to receive a different kind of artwork than you might usually buy.

Easter Egg Surprise!
E-mail you would like me to use to contact you and for payment
If you would like more that 4 characters please put this in the additonal information box and I will Contact you
Let me know your preferred method of contact
Paypal is currently my most popular way to recieve Online payments
Those who wish to have their character drawn with detailed scales, fur, feathers, clothing or accessories my incure additional fees. This will be reflected in your quote.
Please note that I will only be opening links from familiar websites such as Facebook, furaffinty Deviant Art etc. If there is any doubt I will contact you. If you are purchasing for more than 1 character please make sure they indicate the characters name.
Is there something about your characters personality that I should try and portray? Are they Overly shy, Introvert, outgoing etc?
Let me know what kind of art you are ok with, this is my guideline when deciding what kind of artwork to create for you. If you choose options 1, 2 or 3 it does not gauruntee it will be this type of artwork.
Do you want your character to have a thought or word bubble? please let me know they are thinking/saying. Please make this something rather generic, it may or may not be used dependingon context.
Additional options for your artwork
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