WIP dragons priliminary water colors

WIP dragons priliminary water colors by Xyloart


I’m going to do an oil paint of this sketch. This is the preliminary watercolor.
My goals with this piece is to experiment with more dynamic poses and lighting. Most of my previous works are very static and with general all over lighting and I would like to expand my abilities in this area.

Critique By Sammacha

1. First impression
Detailed and colourful image which I would definantly want a closer look at

2. What do you like about this image?
The image is brightly coloured and very eye catching. I love that you have given both dragons an equal amount of attention in regards to the details. They both similar but they are different and the interaction between them is quite interesting. While one is looking back the other is looking at the dragon. It gives me an idea of something natural as one is paying attention to a bird flying by and one is paying attention to its play mate. I notice this often with animals such as cats.

3. Is there something you don’t like?

One thing that stands out when I look at this is the Background. It gives the feeling of night time or a stormy/cloudy day, but the brightness of the wings makes me think there is a huge light source in front of them.
Considering that they are in the sky I have no idea of what that would be. I find the colour of the background mixed with the high contrast of the dragons a bit confusing and distracting.

4. What do you think the artist can improve upon? Suggestions?
I would like to see the background darkened or brightened. Perhaps changing just the tone to a deep blue over a black would help (a very deep blue almost black so as not to disturb the way the dragons stand out as the subjects). Or you could tone down a few of the highlights on the dragons wings.
Also while I do enjoy the yellow wings, I feel like the green dragon should have a slightly different yellow as opposed to the orange one.

I also see a few anatomy mistakes such as the orange dragons arms. They look a little bit over stretched and flimsy to me. It also looks a little bit un-natural in that position.
Personally I think that the green dragon’s body could be twisted upwards (towards the viewer) to satisfy the way you have drawn its underbelly. (please see the red line) Overall I really like the concept and will be interested to see the finished version.


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