Improve your Figure and gesture drawing

Fancy Text Hey everyone, Just thought i would share to you this great place that I found! Its really useful for people of all levels to start and improve on their figure drawings and gestures. I actually found it ages ago and forgot, then my friend ForthSanity re-introduced me to it. its got some great tips on anatomy¬† color and just drawing in general. I’ve been trying to use it a bit more but really haven’t had a chance to really try it out. I think it could really help anyone improve their art. Figure drawing is very important. It allows you to improve your observation skills. your proportions and shading will also greatly improve making your image really come to life. By studying the different details of each subject you can learn to distinguish between two of the same subjects more easily. Everything is unique and no 2 things should be the same! So if your interested in improving your figure drawing skills be it human or animal this site would be a great place to visit. Let’s get sketching!
  • Samantha Lim is an artist from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Mainly draws fun characters and other such musings in her spare time. Often she is found walking or biking through the streets or trails of BC with her family, or at the beach on a summer’s day.
    Samantha Offers a wide variety of her artwork for sale oroptions to bring your imagination to life through artwork via commissions.
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